Monday, March 28, 2011

My 1st Wild Cobra Encounter

I have not been to Sembawang Park for very long time and it was more than 3 years ago since I last visited Sembawang Park!! The very loud noise was heard even before I arrived at the park was from this pair of Collared Kingfisher. This purple heron happily feeding in the warm morning sun. There are also lots of Rock pigeon in the park. I cross over to the Park Connector and in the Simpang Kiri river, there are waders actively feeding during low tide too. As seen here is a Common Sandpiper.

A Green Shank

The low tide also attracted lots of 'fisherman'

This uncle was searching for clams under the hot sun!!

Up above the river, Brahminy Kite was having his usual rounds perhaps looking for his next meal.
Not forgetting Cattle egret also looking for food.A big surprise for this trip is this Black Spitting Cobra!! I happily look up on the tree to look for birds and unknowingly intruded this Cobra nest. I was very fortunate that the cobra didn't attack me else I'll be in deep trouble!! The Cobra hissing at me very loudly just about 2.5m away right infront of me. Sensing something is not right, I stop and saw this Cobra with the head expanded and body upright in the waiting to strike position. The stand down after few seconds sensing that there is no threat as I stood still and didn't even raise my camera as I worry it will further irritate the snake. I just trigger my shuttle without looking through the view finder when I saw the snake start to withdraw and before it completely disappear into the nest and managed to have one shoot.

Is a beautiful creature and also a dangerous creature to avoid!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What if...

Saw this pair of juvenile Yellow Vented Bulbul that fledged recently and still depends on their parents for food.
They at first patiently waiting in the dense bush and I have difficulty in getting a clear shot of them.
After waited for more than 45 mins, for whatever reason that I don't know, this bird come to the open! Follow the first bird, the other bird also come to the open and I can now take their full picture. Being in the open, they are also risking themselves to the predator!

Both juvenile birds go back to the thick bush after few minutes and there is still no sign of their parents.
The parents finally appear after another 30 mins! What a happy ending...

What if the parents never return?

The news & photos about school children in Tokyo waiting for their parents that might not appear to pick them anymore suddenly appear in my mind...

Japan was first hit by earthquake, tsunami and now trying to prevent the nuclear meltdown... to those who lost their home & their love ones, be strong!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Olive-Backed Sunbird

I saw another pair of birds busy building their nest and this round was the Olive-backed sunbird. This is the female sunbird (without the blue patch on their throat)

A male checking the nest.Both male & female check & inspect their nest.
I don't know what this female bird is doing initially. Saw the bird peck on the fern that their nest attached too. After upload to the computer then I know the answer.The female sunbird is maintaining their nest by removing any potential intruder - including ants as seen on the photo above.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is A Hot Hot Day!

What will you do during a hot and lazy afternoon? Well, there's no better thing to do than dip in the pool of water to freshen up.
This female Oriental Magpie Robin have found the reason to be happy. She jump right in to this fountain of joy and having a good time!
Big splash was created wave after wave for about 3 minutes!
After all the splashes, the bird perch on the statue to preen & dry herself up.
The male bird just watch from the perch above the entire process and they flew off together after the female bird done with her preening.