Thursday, April 29, 2021

Kranji Rail Corridor

One of the last few wild places that accessible by bicycle in mainland Singapore, Rail Corridor is one of them especially the Kranji section.

I use the entrance near Kranji Close. Don't worry, the muddy part is only the beginning first few kilo meters. After that is quite smooth and at least you don't have to come home with body full of mud.😊
Is getting hard to find places like this in mainland Singapore anymore. Away from busy traffic or otherwise crowded with visitors. Is a good place for birding too.
We are so used to travel to our neighboring country to have these kind of shots. With this pandemic, travel is not an option, this place just make a good replacement.
Wild an quiet and very safe too.
Feels like I am in the forest at oversea!

The old sign from the railway remained add to the nostalgic feeling.
I am 19km away from my home...

Friday, March 12, 2021

Laced woodpecker

Laced woodpecker can be found in many parts of Singapore, from garden, mangrove to wooded area. The male has a red crown, while the female has a dark crown.

With the monsoon season over, is time for the woodpeckers to start looking for suitable tree trunk to build their nest. I saw this pair of Laced woodpecker at Pasir Ris Park. Is the knocking & pecking sound that attracted my attention.
This male has made quite a progress when I saw them.
While the male busy making a hole on the tree trunk, the female stay close to observe.
The female move closer to check on the progress.
The female have a close inspection of this potential new nest of the season.
Unfortunately, it wasn't up to the female expectation. There are no movement for the next 2 days. The male will have to look for new tree trunk and work on the new nest.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Kampung Bird Watching at Bishan Park

Just like any other trip, you will not miss grey heron whenever visit to this "kampung" which means village in English. I call Bishan Park a kampung as this is one of the very few park that one can walk to the water and catch kampung fish just like the olden days in the kampung.

There are several Grey heron nest here.
Purple heron is also sharing the same tree with grey heron building their nest here.
I have seen this bird, Large Wood Shrike several time but this is the first time seeing it here in Singapore.
One of the regular migrant to Singapore - Asian Brown Flycatcher
Another bird or I should say duck that I usually see it in Thailand has also made it's appearance in Singapore! A rather uncommon Cotton Pygmy Goose.
White breasted waterhen
Yellow Bittern that usually camouflaged very well among the reed but not today. One can see it from far away. 
Blue Tailed Beeeater perched high up to get a better view of any flying insects.
Brown-Throated Sunbird that looks very similar to Olive-backed sunbird except without the distinctive purple colour throat.
Asian Koel are more often heard than seen.
Another bird that more often heard than seeing it - Coppersmith barbet.
I managed to spot this Common Flameback by following the knocking sound.
Sunda pygmy woodpecker is only one third of the size of a Common flameback.
One of my favorite bird, a very bright Black-Naped Oriole.
When come to kampung, how can we not see a Murai kampung, Malay name of Oriental Magpie-robin
Yellow Vented Bulbul took the number 16 species of birds that I saw this morning. Just less than 1 hour and I have recorded more than 15 species of birds. Not bad at all.
Collared Kingfisher
Oriental Honey Buzzard 
Bird of prey preying on bird. I didn't manage to get a clearer shot of this Peregrine Falcon. It looks like a myna has became her breakfast.
Talking about myna, Javan myna on a flowering tree.
I have another kampung chicken photo - a Red Junglefowl before ending my trip. What a fruitful trip.