Thursday, August 22, 2019

Bali Dive Trip Day 1

Finally, I will be jumping into the sea in this very beautiful island of Bali to blow bubbles again after so long.
This is where we will have our entry, through pebbles shore.
Once we enter the water, it was a totally different world. I miss this feeling for a long long time...
Welcome to underwater gym... bicycleswas used to create this artificial reef.
Looking at the coral that grow on this cement mixer, it must have been here for sometimes.
This coral grow on the rope that attached to the cement mixer.
Boga wreck
Another interesting site that we visit is this ship wreck. It was sunk in 2012 to create another artificial reef in this area. It has seen attracted many marine creature to call it their home.
Boga wreck
One of the statue in the wreck.
Boga wreck
Preparing to enter and explore this home to many marine creatures.
Titan trigger fish
As with most of the dive site in this region, there is this fish that fear and avoid by most divers - Titan Trigger fish. They can cause real injuries if you accidentally intruded their territories especially during their breeding season. They can easily bite of a chunk of coral with just one bite and imagine a bite on your finger or toe...

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Long Awaited Bali Trip

The last time I came here for my diving trip was almost a decade ago! Is good to be back and much has changed since then.
Giant Subahu
A huge Giant Subahu statue was at the Arrival Hall to welcome visitors to this beautiful island paradise.
Our resort is over the North-East of Bali and will definitely travel through Tista and we stop for a quick photo session with everybody take out their mobile phone.
This is one of the nice view of Bali with paddy field on the hill slope.
My resort is about 10km further north of the popular dive spot of Tulamben beach. Is a very quiet and relax resort.
Tomorrow this corner will be full of our wet suits.
The tank is all ready for our diving starting tomorrow.
You will never missed this Frangipani flowers in Bali. They are planted almost by every family here in Bali.
2 locals having a nice time fishing just outside our resort.
This is not my birding trip but when I saw this Great Bill Heron, I can only capture it with my mobile phone.
Such a beautiful sea shore!
This will be our diving entry point tomorrow morning.
Took this shot after the sun set and during the Nautical Twilight. Isn't it beautiful?
When the night falls, this big gecko took over our outdoor toilet. Waiting for insects that attracted by the light.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Surprise Find at Khao Phanom Bencha National Park

After witnessing the unnecessary demise of the squirrel, just as we are about to leave for airport. Come this big surprise - Brown Wood Owl!
Brown Wood Owl
 I have a good glimpse before she go back hiding again in the thick forest.
Other than the owl, we saw several bulbul on this fruiting tree.