Sunday, August 21, 2022

Migratory Birds Are Back

After the morning thunderstorm started to ease, I go for my usual cycling routine which will pass through  north eastern shore where migratory birds will first landed here for refuel before moving to other parts of Singapore for roosting. Although is still drizzling, I grab my compact camera alone and I am glad I did.

The migratory birds are really back and have landed at their usual first pit stop.
So far only Lesser Sand Plover are seen. I am sure those larger birds will start to arrive soon.
This individual still have her breeding plumage on.
The local resident are happily sharing the same spot with their long distance friends. White throated kingfisher target small fishes while the plovers is looking for worm. So they no need to compete for food here.
This Collared kingfisher is here and just have his lunch. Migratory season or not, there will always be something out there to watch and shoot. :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Northern Shore of Singapore

As with previous year, there are a few days in the month of June when the tide is really low. Area that usually cover by sea water will be exposed during low tide. That make it easy to have a glimpse on the life underwater without putting on scuba diving gears.

Most Biscuit sea star will have 5 arms. This one is special, having only 4 arms.
Is always a pleasure to have seen this big sea star in the mainland Singapore. They are found commonly on off-shore island but not so on the main island of Singapore.
A Plain sand star is about to burrow into the sands.
A good comparison of size between the big brother Chocholate Chips Sea Star (aka Knobbly Sea Star) with the smaller Buiscuit sea star.
A Noble volute with its distinctive zig-zag patterns on the shell and the black & orange spots foot.
Saw this Murex snail that is bigger than my palm!
There are several Babylonia snail that is still out in the open, they will usually burried themselves in the sand after sun rise.
Another Babylonis snal that is orange in colour.
Saw this small Horseshoe crab moult. Do you know that horseshoe crab's blood is blue in colour? The copper in their blood that gave them the blue colour unlike us, red colour came from iron.
A rather uncommon posture of  Thunder crab, play dead when it got spotted. 
This Brittle stars taking shelter under the Sea Anemone. Only one arm is visible.
Another creature that live among Sea Anemone is this Anemone Shrimp.
Another very beautiful animal that camaflag very well and not easy to be spotted easily. This Porcelain crab is having the same colour and patterns with their host - a Sea Pen. 
Big pile of Squid egg.
A rather docile Bansded File Snake.
Another sun rise another great trip in the month of June.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Babylonia Snails of Singapore Shore

Babylonia Snails are also found here quite often at the northern shore of Singapore. A beautiful gastropod that are excellent scavengers that will sift through substrate searching for food, They do prey on smaller clams too.
Saw these 2 babylonia snails going for a same spot perhaps targeting for the same clam under the substrate.
This snail on the right started to burrow into the substrate while the other closing in.
When the second snail arrived, the first snail already half way through the substrate.
Looks like the second snail is too late and the first snail already fully burrowed into the substrate.
Better luck next time...