Friday, February 23, 2024

Bird Watch at Mae Ping National Park (6)

 Mae Ping National Park is a well-known birdwatching spot for larger woodpeckers.

After scanning the treetops and following the bird calls, we spotted a group of Black Hooded Orioles.
We continued scanning for birds along the main road and came across this pair of White-rumped Falcons.
They are named after the white patch of feathers on their back (rump area).
After hours of searching, we finally encountered one of our target birds, the White-bellied Woodpecker.
Feeling satisfied, we decided to have lunch. Just before leaving, we spotted this very cute wasp cocoon. I'm not sure about the exact species, though.
Our next stop is Doi Inthanon, and we made a quick visit to Wang Din Market for a snack.
I was immediately drawn to these very colorful puffs. They are available in Tako (yam) and sweet potato flavors.
I bought a packet without any hesitation.
I also ordered a bowl of rice noodles.
You can customise your noodles by adding extra chili flakes, bean sprouts, and fresh vegetables.
After the delicious high-protein and high-iron meal, we headed off to Doi Inthanon.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Day 2 of my North Thailand Trip 2024 (5)

After only a few hours of rest at this lovely and cozy hotel, I am awake and preparing for the second day of my trip to Northern Thailand.

It seems like everyone else is still fast asleep, as I walk through the empty grounds towards the café for my morning meal.
I am about to check out from this pleasant hotel where I spent just a brief amount of time.
I am enjoying an Asian-style breakfast of chicken congee with fresh coriander and a sprinkle of white pepper.
After a two-hour drive heading south, we have reached Mae Ping National Park.
We are commencing our second day of birdwatching in Northern Thailand about 9 kilometers into the national park.
The forest doesn't seem as dry as it did during my last visit a few years ago. Mae Ping National Park typically has a very dry and warm brownish appearance. This time, it looks quite green, possibly due to the unusual amount of rain that has fallen here over the past two months.

I caught sight of the crescent moon while scanning the treetops for birds. What surprises await me here?

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Affordable and Clean Accommodation in Wang Din (4)

After observing the splendid peafowls sufficiently, it is time to calm down the excitement and journey further south for our overnight accommodation.

Following an approximately one-hour drive, we reach our lodging for the night in Wang Din, Li District.
The sun is setting as we approach the hotel.
The breathtaking sunset view from my hotel room.
Our lodging includes a welcome drink and dessert.
We have pre-ordered our breakfast for the next day, which includes both local and western options.
The room is tidy and roomy.
The minibar provides drinking water and hot beverages. Another long and thrilling day awaits tomorrow, so I retire early after backing up my photos.