Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Red Fox of Hokkaido

 One of the item on the checklist for most nature visitors to Hokkaido must be the Red fox.  

Red Fox of Hokkaido
After meeting my very first red fox in Notsuke Peninsula , I am more than happy to see them again in the coming days of my stay in Hokkaido.
Red Fox of Hokkaido
Red fox of Hokkaido or Ezo red fox are slightly larger than Japanese red fox that can be found in other part of Japan. Beside larger in size, another difference is their outer part of the ear and the limbs are  black.
Red Fox of Hokkaido
Of my one week in Hokkaido, I am lucky enough to see them in the garden.
Red Fox of Hokkaido

Red Fox of Hokkaido
I also spotted one at the sea side.
Red Fox of Hokkaido
I saw them in the forest too.
Red Fox of Hokkaido

Red Fox of Hokkaido
Several occasions, I saw them in the open field when we were traveling on the highway. I never get enough to watch and photograph them in action. Do you?

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Roadside Bird Watching in Hokkaido

After spending 2 days in Rausu, is time we move back to West of Hokkaido. Since it will be a few hours of driving to Tomakomai, our next destination. We made few stop along the way whenever we see some movement on the trees. 

Eurasian Nuthatch is one of the very common bird we encounter in Hokkaido.
Willow Tit that looks almost identical with Marsh Tit with only subtle difference.

One of my target in Hokkaido is this Long Tailed Tit.
The trip is not complete without this not so common Snow Bunting!
Another surprise is this Asian Rosy Finch! Is been great so far for our trip to Hokkaido so far. Good weather and good sightings almost everywhere we went. Hope for more excitement for the remaining destination in Hokkaido.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Take a dip during winter in Hokkaido

Before I left Rausu for my next part of my trip, I still have one more item in my  'wanted list' not checked. We stop by a half frozen river for landscape shots and to my surprise, spotted some brown bird jump into the river and disappear. After few seconds, it re-emerge from the water. Yes! Is one of the item on my list - a Brown Dipper!
The feather is totally water repellent. No sign of any water after emerged from the water.
These are series of photos how the brown dipper hunt for their food.

Completely submerged in the icy water.
Yes. Is a successful hunt. The brown dipper emerge with the food in the mouth.
Managed to also took a shot of the brown dipper having a relief and private moment๐Ÿ˜‚. Not sure if it turn to ice as it was on the other side of the river.