Thursday, December 23, 2021

Birding at Dairy Farm Nature Park

Next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, not surprisingly that we will see a rich biodiversity here in Dairy Farm Nature Park (DFNP) in terms of flora and fauna.
Big boulder can be seen along the trail in DFNP,
This park seem to be kept more rustic than the trails popular to joggers at Center Catchment area.
This electrical room have been 're-claim" by nature with fig tree grow on top of it.
This place no longer function as dairy farm, no real cow here except a sculpture to tell the story.
The squirrels here are more skittish than those we saw in the garden. May be due to the presence of their natural predator here. 
Is the period of migratory birds, Asian Brown flycatcher is more commonly seen compare to other flycatchers.
Very similar to the appearance and size with Asian Brown flycatcher, except this Dark Sided flycatcher with dark streak on breast. 
Unlike the more common Yellow vented bulbul, this Olive wing bulbul found only in the forest,
A more uncommon flycatcher that stop over in DFNP - Green Backed flycatcher.
Grey nightjar is another migratory bird that I saw. 
Greater Racket-Tailed Drongo is known to mimic calls of other birds.
A very skittish Red-Legged Crake
With the arrival of troops of Long tail macaque,  is time for me to go for lunch as well... ;)

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Bird Watching at Highest Point of Singapore - BTNR

For a tiny island country of Singapore, there is no big mountain to climb and the highest point is right in the middle of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (BTNR). Standing at 163m. You can complete your trip in half a day with plenty stop in between for bird watching.

My purpose of this trip is to check if the fig tree at the summit fruiting any time soon. Well, I am still too early no fruiting yet. Nevertheless, there are still lots of bird activities that keep you busy with your bino or camera.

First to show up is this Cinereous Bulbul
Black Crested Bulbul
A slightly shy Red-Eyed Bulbul
And bird that with a very nice name - Asian Fairy Bluebird 
During this period, is a good time to chance upon migratory birds too such as this Asian Brown Flycatcher.
Just when I busy looking on top, the Scarlet Backed Flower pecker decided to check on me.
Another not so common Siberian Thrush is visiting BTNR too.
Equally uncommon Eye Browed Thrush is also seen in BTNR.
Is always good to be able to spot owl in the day, not to mention this forest owl - Brown Hawk Owl
Used to be very rare in Singapore, this Darter decided to take up the residency here in BTNR. Worth to come back again when the fig tree is fruiting.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Back of Migratory Birds to SBWR 2021

The migratory birds usually starts arriving in the 3rd quarter of the year and this year is no exception. Some arrived as early as July.
Is been a while since I last photograph flock of Whimbrels here in Sungei Buloh. What a good start of my visit to SBWR for this new migratory birds season.
From a distance without binoculars, is not easy to tell which is which. A closer look, the size tell a Whimbrel a part from a Red Shank.
This is even more difficult to differentiate. Hiding among this flock of Red Shank is a Terek Sandpiper. Can you spot it?
Terek Sandpiper is slightly smaller than Red Shank with a slight up curl bill.

There are more Red Shank than others at this point of time. Some feeding alone some feeding in flocks.
Is quite therapeutic to watch them put up a synchronous show.
Egret prefer to feed in water rather then on shore.
Purple heron are here in SBWR too.
Not forgetting the resident bird of SBWR, Ashy Tailorbird.
Copper-Throated Sunbird
Sumatran Flying Dragon
Spotted a Mangrove Pit Viper.
and a breast feeding fruit bat. Yes, bats are mammals so they breast feed too.