Monday, March 4, 2024

Bye-bye North Thailand (15/15)

After spending 4 intense days in Northern Thailand, our time there has finally come to an end. My friends and I will be catching a morning flight back to our respective countries.

Since we still have some time before our check-in, why not join the locals for breakfast at a nearby eatery?
We decided to visit a local coffee shop, which offered a wide range of dishes, from Western to Asian cuisine.
The local eatery had the typical setup with fish sauce and chili available to add flavor and cater to individual preferences.
We ordered some Chinese dim sum to share. 
I also got myself a bowl of congee.

Chiang Mai airport is conveniently close to the city, and we were able to check in within 30 minutes of leaving the coffee shop.
The airport was decorated with lanterns in preparation for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations.
Colorful lanterns adorned the walls.
Goodbye Thailand, until we meet again soon.

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