Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lazy Weekend at Sembawang Park

I made a turn to Sembawang Park while on the way back from town. After parking my bike in the car park, I was immediately attracted by the familiar ocean smell. So I head straight to the beach...instead of the park.

From the number of fishing rod, this must be a favourite marine fishing spot.

From the catch in the foam box.....the flower crabs must be abundant too. The owner throw the bait to the sea before start packing his barang-barang. His family will have crabs for dinner...

Don't know what happen to this fish....

While I was walking towards the jetty, saw this little purple beauty.... is a Purple Climbing Crab
peep at me from the hole.

There are lots of sea cockroach too.

Right at the front of the jetty is this beautiful Colonial Style restaurant... is a favourite venue for solemnisation too.
There are a few Canon Ball Tree in the park...this is their beautiful flower.
Do you agree with the name Canon Ball?? Look at the fruit...
Didn't know there is such a lovely natural shorelines just few minutes from where I stay... I'll come back to explore when the tide is low.

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