Monday, March 17, 2008

Mobbing of White Bellied Sea Eagle - 乌合之众??

This is continuation of my earlier posting on the white bellied sea eagle.
The minutes after the male eagle flew off to hunt for food, the unwanted visitors pay the mama eagle a visit. For the safety of the chicks, the mama eagle tries to shoo them away. As the visitors getting more aggressive, the mama eagle response accordingly and started the high altitude chase.

The mama eagle notice something fishy, suspected that she might be tricked or fooled. She immediately returns to the nest and true enough there is another crow about to attack her chicks. This has been going on and on for about 30 minutes and the crows finally go away.I’m sure this is not the first time that the sea eagle faces these challenge on bringing up their next generations. This won’t be the last either. Hopefully the chick can grow up safely despite the threats from the crows.

Did the crows really coordinate their attacks? Will the sea eagle able to defend the attacks from the crow? Looks like the Chinese phrase of 乌合之众 (groups of crows - referring to organization, groups that without proper planning, coordination, etc) got to re-written?
Read more about this strange behavior of birds mobbing at Bird Ecology Study Group.

This is the culprit that started the whole mobbing. Is really a big bird!

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