Friday, March 14, 2008

Story of The White Bellied Sea Eagle

It was a bright sunny day on last Friday, I decided to find out if the resident white belly sea eagle still staying at the communications tower. It has been many years since I first notice their presence around the area.
I’m so happy when I saw one eagle on the tower and I'm not sure if this is the same eagle that I saw many years ago. The eagle seems to be keep scanning the air space like an air traffic radar. I’m glad I brought with me my mid-range 600mm lens, good enough to take some photos from where I were, is about 2km away from the tower as the tower was in the middle of the restricted area. I can only observe from outside the station’s compound.

This eagle (I assumed a female mama eagle) was scanning north, south, eat, west, up & down from a horizontal beam not far from the nest.Look left, Look right,Look up and down...The mama eagle suddenly jumps down to the cat walk after about 30 minutes. While I'm still wondering what happen, I saw the papa eagle. The papa eagle flew through the fender very skillfully and landed on the catwalk.The papa eagle brought with him the breakfast for the family. Is a big rat for breakfast.Enjoying the big breakfast…After breakfast, the parents stay at the nest for few minutes and continue to keep on a look out for any danger. After few minutes, the parents fly circle the tower for one round and each landed strategically on two different area of the tower.
Papa eagle stay on top, Mama eagle stay slightly closer to the nest.The papa eagle continue to fly circle the tower for another 5 minutes before fly away to hunt for lunch…

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