Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Special Gifts From Overseas

Is been a wonderful year of travel for me in 2013. With close to another 200 new species of animals seen this year, I'm all set and looking for another year of great travel in 2014.

With the year 2013 coming to an end soon, I received some really great gifts that provide me with more inspirations of where to go & what to see in 2014!
I received 2 books on birds of Taiwan & a very special calendar self-printed using photos from my friends first travel to Borneo. She was amazed by the beauty & the abundance of wild life there. I been there twice  & its just doesn't seem to have enough time no matter how long I've planned to stay there. You can read about my friend's - Euphtw first travel experience to Borneo on her blog at 蔚藍手札. Haha... is time for me to re-visit Borneo in 2014?
 I just love this very colourful book on birds of Taiwan -  台灣鳥四季

I have been to Taiwan and seen some of the birds as drawn. The drawing just amplify the main characteristic of the birds & made spotting and recognising the birds so easy. Isn't the drawing cute?
This book just give me all the information that I needed to get started on my new planning of birding in Taiwan.
All the birding hot spot in Taiwan with a brief description on what to expect. A very useful information indeed.

What a privilege to receive this "Not for sale" personal calendar. Let's have another good birding/traveling year in 2014.

Another calendar that I received is all the way from "Middle Earth". My colleague brought this back for me from New Zealand. I have really never do a proper birding in NZ. Another potential place to visit for 2014!

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  1. I am so glad that they are delivered in time!
    Let's go birding together around the world next time.