Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pak Thale Shorebird Site

After a night of good rest at Highway Star near Bang Ta Boon, we continue our birding to Pak Thale. I was here last year for the Spoon-billed sand piper & I don't mind to come back over & over again.
Pak Thale, Thailand
Even the road sign also use the famous Spoon-billed sand piper.
Pak Thale, Thailand
From the number of fish that was drying under the sun along the road, this show that Pak Thale is also a fishing village.
Pak Thale, Thailand
It was low tide whe we arrived. This will means that the birds will be feeding very far from the shore. We met some fisherman that just came back with their catches.
Fisherman's catch

Fisherman's catch
A variety of fish & prawn on top & some crabs at the bottom.
File Snake
While walking on the sea shore, I saw a file snake.
Apple Snail
Look at what I found on the shore! An apple snail that is bigger than my watch! I don't know how a fresh water snail can end up at the sea shore.
Common Tern
Since the birds are feeding far from the shore, I can only take some flight shots when they flew pass me once a while. A flock of Common terns happens to fly closer to the shore.
Eurasian Curlew
Eurasian curlew was quite far from the shore.

Miss the crab
Well, looks like is quite common that not every hunting effort is successful. This tern caught a crab and loose it before consuming it.
Whiskered Tern
Finally some birds that allow us to approach slowly & have a clear shot - a whiskered tern.

Common Red Shank
Common Red Shank.
Marsh Sandpiper
Marsh sand piper
Common Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
Grey Heron
Grey heron
Broadbill Sandpiper
Mixture of Broad-billed sand piper & Curlew sand piper.

Really need to boost up my knowledge on gulls & terns. Been seeing so many gulls & terns these few days & still having trouble id everyone of them...

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