Monday, August 3, 2009

Brown-throated Sunbird & Spittlebug

I was at Ubin yesterday morning and saw this Brown-throated sunbird feed on spittlebug. Obviously, the defense mechanism or the strategy of this spittlebug failed to prevent the sunbird from eating it. The sunbird perch just above the location of the spitterbug.The sunbird have a closer look at the spitterbug.The sunbird drink the juice not sure if the sunbird do that in order to reduce the froth so that the bug can be exposed.
The sunbird must have managed to catch the spiterbug together with the froth.The sunbird finish the whole thing - the bug and the froth all together.
The sunbird continue to finish every bits of the froth.
The mass of froth are produced by the nymphs of spitterbugs to hide them away from their predator. It also act as an insulator against heat and to prevent them from drying out. Spittlebugs are related to leafhoppers, but have a broader body and they have faces that resemble frogs and thus are call froghoppers too.

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