Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wild Night at Semakau

We have a real fun evening last week end at Semakau after the Project Semakau Transect Survey.
It happens that it was a full dress rehearsal for NDP, we got to see some of the actions from Semakau too!
Besides the NDP show, we have beautiful sun-set, clear blue sky with the moon in sight too! A nice & cooling sea breeze, wow is one of the best venue to have BBQ!
When the sky get darker, some even starts to dance under the beautiful moonlight. With naked eye, the moon appear like a crescent. Using my camera with some zoom, the whole moon can be seen!
The darker part (covered by the earth) can be seen clearly when I took this shot with longer exposure.
When I change the setting, I can even see the crater on the moon surface! Wow! A camera can really change our perspective towards the moon!
The photo above was taken in Semaku too! We do have places in Singapore where light pollution is minimum and have the effect like at the Savannah!
With minimum light pollution, star trails photography is possible too. The photo above was taken with 4 mins exposure. Once the exposure are extended to at least 30 mins, you will have really nice star trails photo! I also taken some shots on fireflies! You can read more about it here.Well, from the expression of these people... Semakau Rocks!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Firefly of Semakau

I've been wanted to take photo of firefly in Singapore after my first attempt I did while I was at Taiwan in April earlier this year.

Due to habitats lost, to see fireflies in Singapore is already a challenge not to mention to photograph it. One of the site that watching of fireflies is still possible in Singapore will be Pulau Semakau, the first & only off-shore landfill of Singapore.
A close look at the firefly, the light produce chemically are emitted from the abdomen of the fireflies.
The photo above was taken using long exposure. Taking photo of fireflies in Singapore is possible!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Magpie Robin

Magpie Robin used to be very common in Singapore but was almost wipe out during 70's due to illegal trapping for the cage-bird trade and competition from the Mynas.

Is a good sign to see juvenile Magpie Robin roam and feed freely at Botanic Garden.

Saw this juvenile Magpie Robin last Sunday when I visit Botanic Garden with Ling.
This juvenile is very 'playful', it will not miss any thing that is above the ground such as this flower petal.Those that are under the ground also will not be missed such as earth worms.
This bird is a rather hard working one.
The bird will close their 'eye-lids' (nictitating membrane) whenever they caught a worms and flick it to the air to remove the soil. This translucent membrane will prevent the soils get into the eyes and act as a protection for the bird. Once the worm is cleaned, the bird will just swallow it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kapok Tree At Botanic Garden

I went to Botanic Garden this morning with Ling for some birds watching. We were attracted by the Kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra) . When the golden colour morning sun shine on the Kapok tree, it really looks like cheery blossom!
It even looks like is snowing when the wind blow the cotton floss from the tree.

Together with the floss is the Kapok seed that disperse with the help of the wind. There are lots of very bright stainer bug too!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birds Photo of My Taiwan Trip Pt 2

As promised, here's the Part 2 of my birds photo for my last Taiwan trip. A very photogenic Plumbeous Water Redstart. This bird just keep posing for us to shoot. As a result, we went back the next day to take even more shots.
Another shot of this cute little bird.Muller's Barbet or known as 五色鸟(five colours bird) by the local.
Magpie Robin
This Little eaglet was taken at the coastal area near TaipeiJapanese White Eye
Grey-sided Laughing ThrushA pair of very cute Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker
A very common bird around Alishan - Green-backed Tit
Another bird that I took at Taipei Botanical Garden - Gray Treepie
Look out for Part 3 coming up next...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Temporary Shelter

Thanks to the rain, we finally got the break from the super hot weather. Other than the nice temperature, the rains also force some un-invited visitors to my place! Most likely is to take shelter at my place due to the gusting wind and heavy rain outdoor.
I'm more than happy to welcome this very good looking golden brown geometric moth!
This jumping spider is another visitor that seek shelter in my place.
I have no idea the id of this spider except a Jumpers.Just how big is this spider? Look at the photo above, the size of this spider is not bigger than the diameter of the screw that I use to secure my camera to the tripod.
Oh yes! Will do Part 2 of the Birds of Taiwan next.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birds Photo of My Taiwan Trip Pt 1

This is a long over due posting from April when I came back from Taiwan. So far, I only posted one posting which is on the purple milkweed butterfly.

I'm not a birding person before my Taiwan trip mainly cause by the limitation of my equipment. The longest lens I have was 300mm. Taiwan is a amazing place for birds photography. I'm there only in a short period yet managed to photograph more than 35 different species of birds! Must thanks Ling for enlightened me on birds photography.

I will break into 3 parts just for birds photo alone and will also do some posting on the butterflies of Taiwan too! All photos taken without using flash (some photos looks grainy unavoidable).
Black Bulbul, I have difficulty differentiate them with Black Drongo initially. Black Bulbul are with red bill & leg and Black Drongo is not.
Black Drongo....from far it does looks like Black Bulbul.
A very beautiful Black-Crowned Night Heron!
I have a posting on this Black-Crowned Night Heron some times back.
A Black-naped MonarchCattle Egret with breeding plumage!
I remember I saw this Chinnamon Bittern while we drove through a paddy field. We parked our car at the side of the road and managed to take this photo before the bird flew off.
A rather common, Common Moorhen
Crested Goshawk with prey. I have a posting on this Crested Goshawk too.
A rather rare opportunity.... these Eurasian Tree Sparrow was caught doing something Great! ha ha!
Chinese Bulbul
Look up for Pt 2.....and Pt 3!