Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sleeping In The Rain

What will you do when it rains in the middle of your sleep? In Singapore where we have summer throughout the year, you probably like many others will not be bothered and continue your sleep as it is colder and will sleep even better!
For the Black Crowned Night Heron that I observed last month, it first ignore the rain but later embraces it.
It was a very hot day and I saw this heron sleeping on a tree branch. Night heron usually come out only at night to avoid conflict with other herons.
However, it started to rain shortly, drizzle at first and turns heavy in just few minutes. The heron knew it was raining and choose to ignore it and continue his sleep.The rain continue to pour on the heron and the heron is soon become dripping wet.
Strong wind and thunder follow the rain and the branch was shake quite rough and force the heron to check out the situation. The heron is now totally awake. The heron just stare at the rain that falling down from the sky.
The rains lasted about 4 hours and the sun is out again and shine brightly. The heron starts to preen the feather and take the sun bath.
The heron also stretches its wings and legs.The birds also stand in the hunting position for few times but did not make the move.
The heron give a loud call to end this dramatic process.
The heron is now looking clean and fresh. Thanks to this sudden rains.

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