Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birds Photo of My Taiwan Trip Pt 1

This is a long over due posting from April when I came back from Taiwan. So far, I only posted one posting which is on the purple milkweed butterfly.

I'm not a birding person before my Taiwan trip mainly cause by the limitation of my equipment. The longest lens I have was 300mm. Taiwan is a amazing place for birds photography. I'm there only in a short period yet managed to photograph more than 35 different species of birds! Must thanks Ling for enlightened me on birds photography.

I will break into 3 parts just for birds photo alone and will also do some posting on the butterflies of Taiwan too! All photos taken without using flash (some photos looks grainy unavoidable).
Black Bulbul, I have difficulty differentiate them with Black Drongo initially. Black Bulbul are with red bill & leg and Black Drongo is not.
Black Drongo....from far it does looks like Black Bulbul.
A very beautiful Black-Crowned Night Heron!
I have a posting on this Black-Crowned Night Heron some times back.
A Black-naped MonarchCattle Egret with breeding plumage!
I remember I saw this Chinnamon Bittern while we drove through a paddy field. We parked our car at the side of the road and managed to take this photo before the bird flew off.
A rather common, Common Moorhen
Crested Goshawk with prey. I have a posting on this Crested Goshawk too.
A rather rare opportunity.... these Eurasian Tree Sparrow was caught doing something Great! ha ha!
Chinese Bulbul
Look up for Pt 2.....and Pt 3!

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