Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coney Island Park, Singapore

After waiting for more than 2 years, Coney Island Park finally open to public! As with all newly opened facility, I expect some crowd so I choose to go early morning. 
Coney Island Park
The park open from 7am to 7pm. What a beautiful sun rise when I arrived at West Entrance of the park.
West Entrance
 I enter the park through West entrance.
Coney Island Park, map
This tiny island have 2 entrances. The West entrance is just next to Punggol Promenade Nature Walk while the East entrance is joined to Lorong Halus.

What can you do on this tiny island?
Casuarina trees
You may just enjoy the scenery, get into the forest. Scenery like this is something that consider uncommon in highly urbanized Singapore. They may look like pine trees but they are not. They are actually Casuarina trees also known as Rhu trees. This is probably how Tanjung Rhu got her name.
Coney Island Park
 If you are a bird watcher, this bird hide will come in handy.
Coney Island Park

Coney Island Park
 There are lots of signs of wildlife activities on the island.
Heart shape nest
 This heart shape nest probably built by Baya weaver birds.
Nature photography at Coney Island Park

Nature photography at Coney Island Park
Nature photographer of all sorts (be it insects, landscape or birds) flocked to Coney Island this morning.
Cycling at Coney Island Park
 There are lots of cyclist too. Mountain bike is recommended due to the rough terrains.
Selfie at Coney Island Park
Some just take out their phone and take wefie with their love bike. One pacik  try his fishing luck here too.
Nature walk at Coney Island Park
You may simply just explore this tiny island on foot. Highly recommended as you will get higher chance to see wildlife on the island by walking.
Pet grooming at Coney Island Park
Some take the opportunity to groom their dog there too.
Pulau Ubin view from Coney Island Park
Pulau Ubin, another rustic island just opposite Coney island. It looks so close! Be forewarned, there are lots of sand flies on the beach. If you intend to walk on the beach, I will suggest that you wear long pants and long sleeve shirt.
Punggol jetty view from Coney Island Park
Or you may just sit on the concrete path and enjoy the scenery and sea breeze instead.
Shuttle service to Coney Island Park
Oh! There are shuttle service to Coney island from Pasir Ris and Punggol MRT!
Coney Island Park
Another nature space for the resident around Punggol/Pasir Ris area. What are you waiting for? Go visit today!  :)

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