Thursday, March 6, 2014

Northern Thailand Trip Day 2 Part 3 of 3

After a quick bite, we continue our birding at Doi Lang. Basically, there are birds everywhere that we stop.

Hill Prinia
Another 1st time for me seeing this Hill Prinia.
Himalayan Bluetail

Himalayan Bluetail
One appear after another. Female on top & the male with nice blue colour - Himalayan Blue Tail
Chestnut Headed Tesia
Is a challenge to capture this Chestnut Headed Tesia that never stop for more than 3 seconds. Keep dashing around.
Rufous Gorgeted Flycatcher
Rufous Gorgeted Flycatcher, another of my 1st sighting.
White-gorgeted Flycatcher
White Gorgeted Flycatcher
Chestnut Crowned Laughing Thrush
Seen this Chestnut Crowned Laughing Thrush before, at Mae Wong & Doi Ithanon.
Red-faced Liocichla
I didn't see this Red-faced Liocichla during my last trip to Doi Ithanon. So, this is my 1st time seeing it too.
Golden Bush Robin
Another small bird that just can't keep still at one place - Golden Bush Robin. With so many new birds, we happily drive back to Fang and we shall back here again tomorrow.

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