Saturday, February 15, 2014

Northern Thailand Trip Day 2 Part 1 of 3

After a very fruitful start of my first day of birding at Northern Thailand during winter at Doi Ang Khang, I'm all ready to explore Doi Lang on the 2nd day. Doi Lang, Thailand
Compare to Doi Ang Khang, Doi Lang have less flowering tree. I only saw a few tree that are blooming.Doi Pak Hom Pok National Park
Saw this sign at Doi Pak Hom Pok National Park within Doi Lang. Hopefully all visitors will respect the nature & don't do any thing that will change the behavior of the animal while observing or photograph them. Doi Lang, Thailand
I must say that this is another very fruitful day with sighting of many new birds for me. I'll post some of the photos once I have sorted them out. While on the way back to our hotel at Fang, we stop-by to take photo of this very nice building in the middle of a plantation. This is an mandarin orange plantation. I'm sure this place will be even nicer later this month when the fruits are ripen. 
Mandarin orange
On a closer look, some of the fruits already ripen. Mandarin orange is one of the must have for Chinese New Year celebration! 
Doi Lang, Thailand
Sun about to set on this very beautiful place. What a good way to end our trip today! I just sit down going through my photos and while waiting for the sun to set. 
Sun set at Doi Lang
 Isn't it beautiful?
Sun set at Doi Lang
Sun set at Doi Lang
It has been another wonderful day at Northern Thailand. Nice weather, beautiful landscape & very rich biodiversity! What a paradise for nature lover!
Banners, Thailand
I saw this very interesting banners on our way to Fang. I think these are part of the decoration for Chinese New Year? There are 12 animals (same with Chinese zodiac) represent 12 zodiacs. However, the last zodiac has been replaced with elephant. Perhaps is customised version? Will have to find out from some of my Thailand's friend some day...   (to be continued)

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