Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Have Four Spoons

Have you ever heard about crabs that having spoon shaped pincers? Instead of the usual sharp pointed pincers, these crabs with spoon tip pincers and they use these 'spoons' to scrap off algae from rock surface for feeding.

This is the crabs that having spoon tip pincers and usually can be found at coral rubber. They usually hide under the rocks during day time and will come out for feeding at night.


  1. Wow there are so many things I have not seen. Do you thing this is a mutation of other crab? Thanks for knowledge, always nice to hear new things. Anna :)

  2. is the adaptations that these crab adapted. the shape of the pincers is perfect for their diet habbits of scrapping algae from the rock surface... the name of this crab is Etisus utilis. :)