Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Moment

I still vividly remember when I was a child, I will wait anxiously every morning for my mum to return from the market. When my mum brought me my favourite peanut pan-cake from the market, I was so happy and contented and those are the momentous occasions that lingers in my memory till today.

I felt the same excitements when I was shooting a heronry at the north of Singapore last month! Seeing the chicks waiting anxiously and suddently jump in joy!
I'm not sure how the chicks knew that their parents is nearby, the chicks will get very excited & active before I even have the visual of the parents. There must be some form of communications that perhaps I didn't realize.
The chicks will rise from sitting and starts jumping and that prompt me that their parents is arriving.
The chicks can't wait to get their food from their parent.

I'm sure the food source is abundant as all the chicks got their fair share of food and they all look about the same size.Wow! This chick got a really huge eel for breakfast!

Is always an enjoyable experience to be able to watch and photograph feeding process. Feeding time means Happy Moment for me. How about you?