Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birding Paradise

Taiwan is really one of the good place for bird watching. I was at Taipei, the capital of Taiwan earlier this week just for bird watching. However, what I didn't expect was the rain. It rained from the day I arrived on Tuesday all the way to Saturday the day I return to Singapore. Nevertheless, it was a very fruitful trip. I achieve what I have planned including watching Sacred Ibis or Black Headed Ibis. I will talk about that in another post.

Since I am taking morning flight on Saturday so nothing was planned this morning after breakfast, I just sit by my window of my hotel's room just to see what are the bird(s) that live within the heart of Taipei City. Is not 1, or 2 or 3!! I only watch for 30minutes and it was already more than 9 species sighted! Imagine if we move away from the city for bird watching, I'm sure I will be overwhelmed by the rich biodiversity of Taiwan.

Another good reason for choosing Taiwan as a birding place mainly is the people here! They are so friendly and helpful. During my stay at Taipei, I met a few birders and they are from Wild Bird Society of Taipei, must thanks them for their very helpful tips.

台北果然是賞鳥的好去處。此行雖然遇到下雨天,從星期二我到達的第一天一直到我星期六離開都還沒有停止過。雨水除了帶來一些不便外,並沒有減低賞鳥的樂趣或對鳥況造成太大的影響。我還看到了我來此的目的 - 埃及聖鹮!





Eurasian Tree Sparrow 麻雀
Light-Vented Bulbul 白頭翁

Glossy Starling 輝椋鳥

European Magpie 喜鵲

White Wagtail 白鶺鴒

Rock Pigeon
Spotted Dove 斑頸鳩

Grey Tree Pie 樹鵲
Red Collared Dove 紅鳩


  1. 歡迎來到台灣賞鳥。

    臺灣紫嘯鶇的英文是Formosan Whistling Thrush,常出現在中低海拔的水邊。不確定你照片中的鳥是不是臺灣紫嘯鶇?看起來有點像椋鳥。請問是在哪拍的?

  2. 應該是輝椋鳥。我非常肯定是Asian Glossy Starling 但對中文明稱卻不肯定。剛剛上網確定了。