Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Black-Naped Oriole’s Special Moves

I was attracted by unusual move of this Black-Naped Oriole. It make about 5 to 6 fast and sharp turn in circular movement with radius about 1m.
When I check with my bino then I realise that the bird is actually circulating the nest. This bird
make another 5 to 6 fast turns with smaller radius about 50cm.After the sharp turns, the Oriole finally fly towards the nest and landed on top of the nest. The nest was about 15 meters above ground.It continue on the look out even after landed on the nest.
The Oriole keep calling and continue on the look out. Apparently, this Oriole was actually calling the female that was inside the nest. I will assume the nest was just completed and waiting to lay egg soon.
Before both of the Oriole set off, they take a final check to make sure there is no predator around.
When everything is cleared, the male make a move first.
The female follow behind.
The cup shape nest was made from grass, twig, bark and roots. Hope to see the next generation in 2 weeks time.

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