Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Exciting Singapore Botanic Garden Trip

I visit Singapore Botanic Garden quite frequent and each time I'll get different experience. This is the beauty of nature! Although we don't have four seasons in Singapore, the weather do have impact on animals that visits Singapore Botanic Garden.

Traditionally, year end is the wettest period in Singapore as monsoon will bring lots of rain from November all the ways till March. The water level at Eco Lake is at the highest compare to the last few trips when I visits here.
These fishes have grown so much when I first noticed them back in August.

I'm not sure how long will this bond last. This special bonding is sure to be one of the few animals that having it. Not even in mammals, the parent will chase their off-spring away once they are big (mature) enough.
Their parent more than a meter long, can easily swallow their off-spring in one gulp. Hard to imagine they don't do that!
While I was still amazed by the fish, this yellow bittern flew past. Perhaps the bittern is checking out before the actual hunting?
Far across the lake, 2 Black Swan is playing hide and chase. So lovely....

I guess this one was alone?? Look at the spiky tail! Isn't it cute?
This swan was checking out the golf ball. Luckily the golf ball is too big to be swallow.
These 3 Lesser Whistling ducks match across the pathway in sync!

One of the very common bird in the garden is this Spotted dove.

Another most common birds in the garden will be Rock pigeons.
A very small Olive-backed sunbird about to take off. Other than Olive-backed, there are Crimson sunbird in the garden too.
Another Olive-backed sunbird(male) about to take off too from this palm tree.

Black-naped Orioles usually stay very high up the tree. But this 3 decided to stay lower closer to the lake.

Another small bird that usually stay quite high up the tree and very difficult to spot them - Tailor birds.
Another less common bird find is this Asian Brown Flycatcher.
I saw lots of Blue-tailed Beeeater today. Not sure are they seasonal but is definitely more than usual. I saw not less than 20 actively hunting.
This Storkbill kingfisher also for the first time stay out on the open branch and allow me to take photo from below.Well, the find for the day will be this Black Crown Night Heron! Is quite well camouflage and to spot it is almost impossible.

I was overwhelmed by so many interesting finds just in 2 hours. I must say that my luck is super good on this 3rd day of Christmas!

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