Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bird Watching at Singapore Botanic Garden

Most people choose to go for short trip oversea whenever the holiday falls on week end. Instead of contributed to the jam at the check points, I went to Singapore Botanic Garden instead. I went there twice, once on Saturday and re-visit it again on Monday. However, I have to cut short the Monday trip due to the rain.

With the unmistakable gold colour on the back, this is indeed a Common Goldback woodpecker. (Yan, this is just for you... )

Another woodpeckers that I saw were this Brown-capped or Sunda Pygmy woodpecker, there are quite number of them in the garden.This bird with bluish tinge on the throat is a Dollarbird (Eurystomus orientalis)Long tail parakeet that taking a nap when I took this photo.Another one that is happily munching the oil palm fruit.Could this be the juvenile Long tail parakeet? This Rock pigeon have a very unique colour morph!
A rather small bird - an Ashy tailorbird
A flock of Lesser Whistling duck that is circulating the pond.This water hen was having fun feeding near the pond edge.On the other side of the pond, juvenile (black colour) were following their mother to search for food.The big snakehead fish is not chasing the small fish, the small fish is the juvenile fish swim with the parents (the other adult not in photo) for protection.
Is one of the good place for bird watching minus the irritating mosquitoes that you usually get when go to forest. Planned to go back there again this coming week end.


  1. All that in the Singapore Botanic Garden, its amazing. I been in Singapore few years ago, and I only saw the Jurong Bird Park, and it was fun. Hopefully I will return one day. Excellent photos, I really like the woodpecker. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)

  2. Hi Anna - Thanks for dropping by. Yes! You should return and visit Singapore again. Although Singapore is highly urbanised, we do have rich biodiversity and nature area around perfect for photography! Cheers!

  3. Hi Anna,

    Your pics are amazing..

    As a budding amateur photographer I couldn't resist myself from asking this common question.. What is in your camera bag..? Particularly What lens you use for birding..??