Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue-throated Bee-eater Feeding

This is the follow-up posting on the Blue-throated Bee-eater that I have posted on Tuesday. As I process my photos, I realised that all dragonfly caught are for the juvenile only. The bee-eater alternate the hunting between dragon fly & bees.The adult bee-eater (on the left with longer tail) feed the juvenile with dragonfly.
The juvenile bee-eater with the mouth wide open waiting for the offer from the adult bird. The juvenile is adjusting the dragonfly before swallow it down the throat.
The juvenile is trying to swallow another dragonfly and the adult is now back with bee in the mouth and knock the bee against the perch before eating it.
The bee-eater come back with another bee

The juvenile was waiting but the adult refuse to offer the bee to the juvenile
The adult bee-eater even move to another side to prevent the juvenile from getting the bee.

From this observations, I can only think of 3 possibilities of why the adult blue-throated bee-eater feed only dragonfly to the juvenile:

1. The size of the dragonfly is bigger thus provide more food.
2. The dragonfly can provide additional nutrient that the bees can't.
3. To prevent the juvenile from getting stung by the bees.

I will have to find out more as I am also interested to find out the real reason. Will update here when I have more info.
First posted on 11 June 09 1:12PM