Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Strange Behavior of Asian Glossy Starling

I was puzzled by the strange behaviour of this Asian Glossy Starling that I observed for about 2 hours at Pulau Ubin on Sunday.
During my 2 hours observation, the Starling was throwing away the food near the nest for at least 4 times by regurgitating it.
Just don't understand why the bird even care to carry the food back to their nest just to dump them away? Isn't this is wasting of energy? If they are not hungy or if the food is not suitable, why do they still want to fly back with it and later throw it away?
According to BESGroup website , the bird regurgitate the seeds to reduce reduce the weight and volume of material that must pass through the gut. However, the Starling is throwing the whole fruits and not just the seeds. Why do they want to do that??

29th May 09 Updates ( from BESG )
After consulting bird behaviour specialist John Vickerman, there are 2 possible scenarios.... (read more from BESG)

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