Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week End Fever at Malacca

After the shooting the nice Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher at Lower Pierce on Saturday, I went over to Malacca for another cheap week end get away. However, my body protest on me....was having a fever for the entire trip! Being a person that can not sit still, despite the fever, I go out and explore as usual.
It was 6 am and a very beautiful morning indeed!I 'bump' into a few groups from Singapore and this is one of the group that I met on top of the St Paul's Hill.This shot freshen up my day!... so Spring!The building at the background was about few km away. If this canon is still active, can the canon ball reach the building?Oh got a big and fat worm!
Wild flowersMy favourites White-bellied Sea Eagle... she flew pass me and give me a good opportunity to take another good shot of her.The crows are still as irritating! Keep harassing the sea eagle.I don't know why, this grasshopper seems to have a very bright florescent green lime colour.
After a short to get back to sleep... and to take my paracetamol too!

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