Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Great Shooting Experience at Ubin

After getting my new lens on Tuesday, been waiting for Saturday to test the effect of my new lens. CH told me that she is going Ubin and since Ling & FK also wanted to familiar with their equipments before our coming Taiwan trip, I suggest to them that we go over to Ubin. Is overcast today and while on our way back to mainland, it rains very heavily!

But the gloomy weather didn't stop us from getting some nice shots. We started from Sensory Trail and later northward before turn back to the jetty in the afternoon.After setting up my equipments, this is my first bird photography using my new lens! Wow, a pair of loving Chestnut Munia.Common Iora has a nice musical whistle and trill and are more often heard than seen.

another lovely pair of Pacific Swallow
An Asian Glossy Starling peeping from its tree hole nest.
Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker

Grey Heron

Well, birds photography is definitely not the only things to do in Ubin. Not forgetting spiders!

such as this jumping spider
Wide-jawed Viciria (Viciria praemandibularis) spider
another Lynx spider
an ant mimic spider!
a real red weaver antsis just too many things to shoot in Ubin. I've been busy changing lens between macro and telephoto.
We will sure to come back for more...

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  1. I really marvel your knowledge of nature and all the names and terms. Wonderful.