Saturday, October 4, 2008

Trip To Sarimbun

The last time I visit Sarimbun was about one and a half year ago. Due to Hari Raya, the whole place is rather quiet.
I don't know what is this but I'm very sure this is not natural.
I don't know what is this either.... looks like a bird dropping :-).
Is not easy to get a good shot of hard working honey bee. They wouldn't stop for more than a second on any flower. No wonder they are always a symbol or icon for productivity.A very photogenic juvenile cricket in red colour.One of the very common spiders that can be found here.There are more Baya weaver nest the last time I was here but only manage to spot one today.Apple snail's egg that can be seen even from far with their red colour among the green.There are several types of dragonfly and damsel fly as well.Wheather one or two, no problem at all for pond skater to stay remain on water surface! ...

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  1. wow beautiful pic of the pondskater!!