Monday, March 26, 2007

Sarimbun - Invasion of the red army

65 years ago, the Japanese army invaded Singapore by crossing the Johore Strait in a fleet of small boats and successfully landed at Sarimbun around midnight on 8 February 1942.65 years later, I was swamped by the red army at the same site. The fiddler crab was every where when I pay the site a visit on Sunday.

Look at this oversized pincer of the Orange fiddler crab (Uca vocans)!!!

Beautiful Porcelain fiddler crab (Uca annulipes)

Female fiddler crab of the same species without the oversized pincer. Surprisingly, the enlarged pincer are not use for feeding. In fact is not effective at all. Instead, the oversized pincer is used only to attract females and to intimidate rival males.
Sand bubbler crab got their name as they leaves behind balls of sand after sifting it for organic derital matter.

A tiny Crevice crab (smaller then 1cm)

Hermit crab

Not sure the specias of this tiny crab. Smaller than 1cm too. Anyone know the id?

This reminds me of the fashion coloured contact lenses. The unique green eyes of Stone Crab or Thunder Crab. Just look at the large pincer! Most people just tear off their large pincer for food. Ouch! that's sound so cruel!!! Please don't do that. The name Thunder Crab is from the false belief that they do not release their pincer grip on fingers unless a clap of thunder is heard. Read about Ron's encounter with thunder crab at the Frog Island.

Barnacles taking free ride on the Olive whelk


Shore clam

Banded Bead Anemone


Unidentify anemone

Tripod fish

So far the invasion are from sea, there are more at Sarimbum. I'll come back with more of my experience there soon....

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