Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Semakau CEO Run 2008

I was at the Semakau Corporate Environmental Outreach (CEO) Run 2008 last Sunday organised by the National Environment Agency (NEA), this CEO Run is part of the Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) programme which aims to enhance the People, Public and Private sectors' involvement in environmental ownership and adoption of environmentally friendly practices.RMBR which conducts the inter-tidal walk at Semakau were invited to share with participants the beautiful animals found on the inter-tidal area of Semakau.

The weather was super hot on last Sunday. The weather forecast of raining did not materialise... (phew....!)

R & SY are more than happy to share their knowledge about Semakau.Youngest 'customers' of the day.GoH, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim have no problem identify most of the specimens. Bravo!Tree planting ceremony for sponsors.Prize and memento giving ceremony hosted by MediaCorp artistes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sister Island Exploration on 19 Oct 08

Is been about 8 months since I last visited Sister Island. After the super heavy downpour, the rain finally stop when we arried at Sister Island 7.15pm.

Most of the corals are no where in sight except a few mushroom coral. I wonder what happened! Below are some of the photos from the trip.I saw 2 Phyllidiella pustulosa nudibranchOne flatwormA burrowing snake-eel
A green egg crab (Atergatis floridus)Red egg crab (Atergatis integerrimus). Both green and red egg crab contain toxins and should not be consumed.
A young file fishThis fish stranded on the Sargassum sp. seaweed.This spider conch peeping from her long stalk eyesHow can we miss this very cute land hermit crab...

Changi Exploration (17 Oct 08)

Where is this place? This can not be Singapore! Indeed I took this photo in Singapore at Changi. I was at Changi on Friday again to look at this wonderful place.

This octopus didn't go away or burrow in when I took his photos.
Mars Attack? Another octopus that looks like the character in the movie Mars Attack!
Cat fish

This sea star is huge! It is even bigger than my palm!
Another orange sea star
And the scaly Nepanthia belcheri sea star

Look at this elbow crab. It is bigger than other elbow crab that I seen previously at this location.

This flathead is almost transparent. The colour and patterns on the body is the same with the sand below.

Not sure what shell it is but it is beautiful (rainbow colour)!
A very beautiful Hypselodoris sp. nudibranch.
Well, if this situation continue, surely the beautiful animals will slowly dissapear! Please dispose all rubbish properly before you leave.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Short Trip to Cameron Highland

When planning a holiday in highland of Malaysia, most would prefer Genting for the never ending entertainment. Well, I opt for Cameron Highland for the flowers and cheap fruits. With another 3 friends, we set off to Cameron Highland last week end. This is not my 1st time visit Cameron Highland yet I don't mind to re-visit here whenever I have the time and 'kakis' of course.

Below are some of the many photos that I have taken. . .
Obviously, I'm standing facing East as you can see from the photo, the flowers are facing at the same direction.
The vege from Cameron Highland not just taste good but look nice too!
Carrot is my favourate juice ingredient.

These are just some of the plants that you can buy from Cameron Highland.I found this moth with the strawberry shaped body under a strawberry plant. Not sure if the carterpillar of this moth feed only on strawberry plants.Mulberry tree that we saw at one of the trekking trail. So as this rasberry tree.Termite bringing food to their nest form a very long queue!Will this frog turn to a charming prince? :-)A un-invited guest help herself with the chicken wings bone. One of the very common flower in Cameron Highland is this very poisonous trumpet shaped - Datura flower.We stay at this hotel that situated at the peak of Cameron Highland. We have lots of unforgetable experience staying in this hotel....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Trip To Sarimbun

The last time I visit Sarimbun was about one and a half year ago. Due to Hari Raya, the whole place is rather quiet.
I don't know what is this but I'm very sure this is not natural.
I don't know what is this either.... looks like a bird dropping :-).
Is not easy to get a good shot of hard working honey bee. They wouldn't stop for more than a second on any flower. No wonder they are always a symbol or icon for productivity.A very photogenic juvenile cricket in red colour.One of the very common spiders that can be found here.There are more Baya weaver nest the last time I was here but only manage to spot one today.Apple snail's egg that can be seen even from far with their red colour among the green.There are several types of dragonfly and damsel fly as well.Wheather one or two, no problem at all for pond skater to stay remain on water surface! ...