Friday, May 9, 2008

More Knob at Changi!!!

After yesterday a very fruitful trip to St John Island. Is so happy to see more 'Knob' on Changi beach. We saw 3 baby 'knobly' sea star this morning.
We saw one of this 'usual' knobbly sea star, similar to the one used to see at Semakau.
We also saw 2 of this green coloured 'Knobbly' sea star. This is my 2nd time seeing these sea star. I first saw it last month and I have still no clue if this is another new sea star or are they the same knobbly (Protoreaster nodosus) sea stars??

I also saw a Stargazer with the head as big as a bowl!!! I will post it later when I've processed all the photos. Is been an amazing week so far. Hope to see more biodiversity for the next 2 days!

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