Thursday, May 8, 2008

My First Trip to St John Island

This is my first trip to St John Island. After a short boat trip and we are already on the shore of St John Island. St John Island is one of the Southern Island next to Sisters Island.
I like this shot - volcano barnacles
2 different type of ribbon worms
This 2 Oncidium is having a good time?
This sea urchin reminds me of white colour hedgehog.Harpiosquilla mantis shrimpA very hairy hermit crabThis octopus was stucked in one of the tidal pool as the tide go down. This helps me to take photos at a very close distance without a zoom lens.This black sea cucumber (Holothuria leucospilota) usually found near the rocky area.Saw 2 different colour of nudibranchs believed to be - Phyllidia pustulosa. The colour of this nudibranch vary from pink to white. However the arrangement of the tubercles looks different. Not sure why 2 different species want to stay together? The one on the left is Phyllodesmium briareum and I'm not sure the id of the slug on the right. Could it be Dermatobranchus sp. ?Another 2 different nudibranchs - Ceratosoma gracillimum on top and Glossodoris atromarginata at the bottom.A tiny brittlestar among the sea weedDid you see the commensal shrimp on the mushroon coral?Found another commensal shrimp that usually associated with cushion star. However, we didn't spot any cushion star.No cushion star but we saw at least 2 different type of crinoid(feather star)
The fishes on top are all stranded at the tidal pool when the tide go low. Clockwise from top left, Blue spotted stingray, beaked butterfly fish, groupers and false scorpion fish.Among the stranded fishes, stone fish is one of them. Can you spot his eye?The one on top is a Elysia and the one at the bottom could be Placida viridisA few different type of flatwormThis fiddler crab is very small and green in colour.Not sure why this ghose crab brave enough to come to the surface during bright day light?...
My first trip to St John really not bad at all!

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