Saturday, April 19, 2008

Leisure Trip @ Ubin

It has been a while (3 years??) since the last time we have a gathering over a cycling trip at Ubin. We are about to re-schedule the trip due to the heavy rain at some part of Singapore around 6.30am. The weather later turn out to be fair and we carry on with the trip with half the group size...
The boat fare to Ubin is now $2.50 from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.
Since most of us have not been to the new CJ boardwalk, we took the route to CJ.
We start with the mangroves boardwalk, and the wooden looking boardwalk is actually using fiber glass as the main material.We saw this carterpillar on one of the plantThere are lots of nypa fruit which is commonly known as 'Atap chee'.There are also lots of stainer bug on the sea hibiscus plant along the coastal area facing the sea.When we about to reach the House No 1 visitor centre, we saw this group of 'fishermen' laying their trap near the Sekudu Island.

When we arrived at House No 1, we are welcome by this big Hornbill
We took some group photos before we continue our cycling trip.
We saw this bunch of unknown fruit just beside the information kiosk.
While on the way out, we saw this orb web spider.We also saw this rather rare male Camacinia gigantea dragonfly.This hornbill like us so much that it stop right on top of us along the Jalan DurianThe coconut is extremely refreshing after a cycling under the hot sun.This dog must be very thirsty?? Keep staring at the water... :-)We took our lunch at Ubin before returning to mainland Singapore. What a special location for gathering with friends where you have nature, nice food, nice experience that Orchard Road can't compare. Another fantastic outing for everyone of us.

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