Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Phylianthus emblica - Malacca Tree

Malacca is one of the oldest town in the region and also one of the favorite short holiday destinations. But what is Malacca actually? You might have heard before the history behind the naming of Malacca, but not many know how a Malacca tree looks like.
This is the fruit of Phyllanthus emblica from the family of Euphorbiaceae. The fruit is edible and the common names of this tree include Malacca tree and Indian Gooseberry. The tree of this fruits that gave Malacca its name!
From a distance, it looks like 'mata kucing' or 'longan'.

This tree is full of fruits. The Black naped orioles is checking on the fruits?

The tree is small to medium sized, with crooked trunk and spreading branches. The flowers are greenish-yellow and the fruit is nearly spherical, light greenish yellow, quite smooth and hard on appearance, with 6 vertical stripes. Is like a mini yellow skin water melon!MALACCA is sometimes known as "Dimana Segalanya Bermula" (Place where everything began). My very first nature blog is also begin with this Malacca tree many years ago... :-)


The history of Malacca all began when the founder of Malacca, Parameswara, was taking a rest under a tree during a hunt when he saw a mousedeer (kancil) cornered by his hunting dogs. Strangely, the mousedeer managed to fight off the dogs and Parameswara, amazed by the bravery of the mousedeer, he named the place Malacca.


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