Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cool Morning at Tuas 2nd March 08

We are backed at Tuas again for the dragonfly and crab spiders. It was cloudy and occasional shower bring down the temperature to a very refreshing morning. This have also make the dragonfly not as active, so we spend more time on other insect and plants instead.This beautiful flower was right at the entrace when we frst enter the area. Is the flower of Love in the mist (Passiflora foetida ).These is the fruit of Love in the mist.There are lots of sea morning glory every where. Since dragonfly are hiding due to the rain, we check out the flowers for crab spiders. We saw this spider in one of the orchid flower.
Another one....And a closer look at the white beauty.There are also quite a number of Tawny coster (Arcea violae) butterfly as well.This is probably the carterpillar of Tawny coster.This fly stop on top of the pitcher plant.... will it one day become the food of the pitcher plants?Saw this pitcher plant white with light pinkish... nice colour.I'm not sure what insect is this...looks like fly to me.Whatever is it....they have a pair of beautiful compound eye and 'zebra' wings. We saw this pair of beautiful birds before we call it off for the day.

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