Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ode to the grass...

Small in size, yet a great explorer, travel and settles at places where others are reluctant,
Bringing beautiful green to dull wasteland,
turning barren soil to fertile land, provide food & shelter
Grass - you are green silent hero!

Below is the lyric from one of the very popular song during 80's. Is one of the very motivating song as well.

大风起, 把头摇一摇
大雨来, 弯著背让雨浇
雨停了 抬起头, 站直脚

I always find it very soothing standing infront of green field... on the same 'green carpet', there are several of different species living together and they have nice flowers too!
They also provide food and shelter to many insects and animals...
Attracted by the beautiful flower...

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