Monday, November 12, 2007

Changi Beach Surprise

I'm back at Changi beach after my last visit few month months ago. This time round, I have a few friends with me to explore this wonderful beach over the eastern part of Singapore. Peiya also join us here with her friend.

We saw lots of tiny crabs include several type of swimming crab and moon crabs.
A leaf porter crab taking cover under a piece of floating dry leaf.

Another leaf porter crab taking a ride under a piece of wood

This tiny crab that smaller than my finger is a baby moon crabs.

Not forgetting beautiful hermit crab
Brittle stars
Sand stars
Horse shoe crab

Bristle worms

There are lots of sea squirt
This large animal is Kalinga ornata as suggested by CH.
Close up of the naked gills

Not much info are available for this alien-look nudibranch. The red dot as seen in the photo will be fully extended whle in the water. Fact sheet on this species can be found on the Sea Slug Forum.

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