Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Changi Experience

It was heavy rain over the north part of Singapore around 3.30pm. Don't want to loose another tidal walk opportunity during low tide, I proceed to Changi as usual. The weather is good on the way to Changi.

This is the first sea star that we saw near the sandy area. Not sure if this is a biscuit or crown star.

The length from arm to arm is only about 2.5cm

There are lots of brittle star too...A white sea urchin (Salmacis sphaeroides)Red spiny urchin (Prionocidaris bispinosa)This shell is a bit too small for this beautiful hermit crab.
Sea cucumberAnother beatiful pink sea cucumber

and more of them...
Sea squirt is every whereSand dollarsThis clam is rather big, almost cover the entire palm.Beautiful sea anemone. The water today abit cloudy and didn't able to see any swimming anemones.This shell is beautiful - being occupied by hermit crab.

I didn't really go and look for nudi, especially after the sighting of the big Kalinga ornata nudibranch. I spent most of my time explaining the ecosystem, the tidal changes and how we can help to keep the sea shore alive so that we can always come back and see the living shore for many more years to my young visitor.

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