Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time Not Enough at Semakau

I cut short my dive trip and return to Singapore from Bali in order not to miss the opportunity to visit the mangroves and inter-tidal area during the low tide.

Upon reaching Semakau, we proceed to the mangroves area over the West side of Semakau. Is the first time for many of us to walk at this part of the mangroves.These pencils like sticks are in fact the roots of the mangroves tree to adapt to muddy, water logged mangroves environment.

As we start from the old jetty, I saw this very beautiful crab belongs to Family Grapsidae. As she was hiding in the hollow pillar, I can't get a clear shot of the whole crab. However, she has a very pretty green colour surrounding the side of the carcass. yellow colour stalk eyes and purple pincers. This crab was very similiar to Percnon plannissimum from the same family that I saw in one of my dive trip. Not sure if they are the same species.

Percnon plannissimum crab taken at Bali
This is the insect (sands fly) that most of us trying to avoid as their stings will leave your skin itch for days and some take weeks to recover.

The sky starts to drizzle when we reach the shore area. I keep my camera in the bag most of the time as I leave my waterprove camera with my friends that still diving at Lombok, thus I can't take photo whenever it rains.... nevertheless, managed to take some photos and I'll just post some of the interesting photos.
Found this not so common turban shell that with spikes around the edge.

This was spotted by Helen - an beautiful cowrie.
The bristle worm
Ron was so happy to found this 2 cute rock-stars. (Cryptasterina Sp.) Check his blog on his Stars Search experience. :-)
Finally, managed to get a clearer shot of this mini crab that only about 1cm in size.

(My earlier encounter at Sarimbun of probably the same family)

What is this fierce looking creatures? A croc? a stingray? or ???
Is a very young horseshoe crab slightly bigger than a 20 cents coin!
Saw another of this mini horse shoe crab at the seaglass lagoon area.

Saw this anemones near the seaglass lagoon. If you look carefully, you'll be able to see some orange colour creatures hiding within the anemones tentacles. There are 3 of them, we leave it as it is so that we don't add too much stress to these beautiful clown fish - aka Nemo.

It was amazed to see this octopus changing his colour with the environment around him with just a glimsp. A super magician!

As we were counting number of crabs that we spotted along the way, Ron was there shouting "Is time to get back to jetty!!!" Wow... how time flies. We didn't realise that we have spent about 4 hours there as we are to excited to be out at the shore...

......as we are on the way back, we continue to see scorpion fish, more crabs, eel, flatworm,.....etc. Time is always not enough when we are out at the tidal area!! :p

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