Sunday, June 17, 2007

Semakau Exploratory Walk - 17 June 07

Been waiting for this Exploratory for months. As this is the exploratory for Semakau guides only, we will be able to explore new area that we don't go when bringing visitors to the tidal area. We were at Semakau yesterday too. However, we have to cut short the walk due to the uninvited heavy down pour. I'm really looking forward to today's walk and bring all my camera with me just want to take as many photos as possible for any animals that we found during the walk.
After the heavy down pour yesterday, I really hope that we could see more lovely creatures to make up the shortened walk yesterday. While walking towards the forest entry point, the black clouds start to form and follow by very strong wind. Oh no, this is the bad sign!!!
We increase our speed try to reach the inter-tidal area earlier before the rain. Due to the heavy down pour yesterday, the forest trail that lead to the inter-tidal area are muddy and at some point the stagnent water is as high as about 20cm. When we reach the shore area, the rain starts dropping from the sky and follow by lighting and thunder. For safety precautions, we head back to the shelter near the forest entry. Well, we spent another 100 minutes watching rain falls, chasing mosquitoes, and waiting & waiting...... Zzzzz....

At about 7.45am, the lightning has stopped and Robert can't take it anymore and decide to go for the walk although is still raining. Soon, we are all at the tidal zone. Some put on their poncho but some prefer to walk in the rain and enjoy the cooling sensations.
Due to the rain, most of the animals have either burrow deep under the sand or hide under the rocks. Is so difficult to spot any animals.

With the determinations, we do spot some interesting creatures such as the red sea star that smaller than a 50 cents coin. As most of our cameras are not waterproof, only those with waterproof camera can safely taking photo under the rain. Ron is one of the lucky guy. Make sure to read his blog for all the photos taken today. Also heard that LK spotted a sea cucumber that we never seen it on Semakau.
Due to the rain, I only managed to take 3 photos.
Looks like I'm the only one that got the chance to greet this Semakau iconic Knobbly Sea Star in person.
This fan shell is big!
And also this Murex shell.

As the tide is coming back very fast, we end our walk about 9.30am. Hopefully the weather is good when we come back to Semakau next month.