Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wet & Wild Semakau 16 June 07

Oh no!...... while on my way to ferry terminal this morning, it starts to rain over at the northern part of Singapore. I'm actually get wet before the tidal walk started. Since today I'm on 'Free & Easy', I put on my booty (recommended footwear for tidal walk) once arrived at Semakau and head straight to the tidal area.

Since I'm not guiding today, I'll just pick some photos to put up. Do check up tHE tIDE cHAsER , Urban Forest , Moutain & Sea , Juan's Blog & Where Discovery Begins for more wonderful wet & wild experience at Semakau.

Ya, back to this morning walk. While walking, spotted this lizard on one of the palm tree.

May be I was early today, this Red Egg Crab (Atergatis integerrimus) usually hide under the rocks during day time was 'openly' walking infront of me and wait for me until I happily taking his photos before he go hiding.

I saw this big Stonefish sea cucumber (Actinopyga lecanora) about 30cm in length.
And also this beautiful Nobel volute (Cymbiola nobilis)

One of my suprise find was this very striking green Bulp-tentacle anemone and with his symbiotic partner - Anemone fish (Clown fish)

A closer look at this very energetic and cute fish.

Out of sudden, the sky turn black and started to rain.....and rain very heavily! Although I don't mind to get wet, already got wet this morning anyway. Is the lightning that we are worry about. We are basically the highest on the tidal area with no other tree or structure that higher than us. That means the risks of getting strike by lightning is very very high. For safety reasons, we head back to shelter immediately.

When we get to the shelter, we are all wet! Nevertheless, it is a wonderful experience. When was the last time you walk under the heavy rain?
Once the rain over, we can see the blue sky re-appear at Semakau.

What a nice scenery with fresh air after the rain. Seating on these chairs will grant you a view of mainland Singapore. Oh no, it is still raininng over at the mainland! Luckily the rain stop when we arrived at the ferry terminal from Semakau.

I got wet on the way to ferry terminal this morning, and is dry when I arrived at Semakau. Then, I got wet again and very very wet during the tidal walk. I'm almost dry when back to ferry terminal from Semakau. You know what? Is heavy rain again on my way home over at the Central Catchment area when I pass by Farrer Road. :-(

I got wet 3 times this morning while visiting one of the last few wild natural shore of Singapore. mummmhh... what a Wet & Wild experience I had this morning.