Friday, August 10, 2018

Birding at Chinese Garden

With summer at northern hemisphere slowly slipping away, which means we should be expecting the return of the migratory birds back in Singapore soon. Is time to be out in the field to look out for them. I usually go to Singapore Botanic Garden (SBG) to look for the sign of their arrival, but I go to Chinese Garden this time instead.
Pink Neck Green Pigeon
The 1st bird that welcome me is this female Pink Necked Green Pigeon.
Pink Neck Green Pigeon
Hiding behind the bush is the male with the distinctive pink neck. Is the male more shy than female?
Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa latipes)
Carpenter bee is busy collecting pollen from flower to flower.
Olive Backed Sunbird
Spot this female Olive Backed Sunbird preening with the cover of thick foliage.
Grey Heron
I guess landing on the top of the tree need some practice?
Purple Heron
Compare to Grey Heron, I find Purple Heron more attractive and elegance.
Pacific Swallow

Pacific Swallow
These 2 are Pacific Swallow and not the migratory Barn Swallow.
Collared Kingfisher
This pair of Collared Kingfisher keep showing me their back. Each time I move to the front, they will turn their back on me. What a shy bird... haha
Collared Kingfisher
Like many of us, we just don't feel comfortable with others watching while having our meal. So as this pair of kingfisher.
Grey Heron
This Grey Heron stay as still as a statue waiting for the fish to swim nearer to her direction.
Changeable lizard
This Changeable lizard is feeding on the ants on the tree trunk.
Plantain Squirrel
What a cute Plantain Squirrel feeding on the grass.

Still no sign of any migratory birds yet, they should start to come in in the following week or so. I will try another park next week hope to see my favorite Asian Paradise Flycatcher again.


  1. I guess no laughter this time from Laughing Kingfishers with a mouth full of food? :)

  2. Yes! Mouth full of food and no more laughing.