Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sunday Walk at Singapore Botanic Garden

I take a break from inter-tidal to Singapore Botanic Garden last Sunday. As usual, the garden was packed with people doing their yoga, jogging & picnic. I was here to meet up with Ling and friends to test out the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 200-500MM F/5.6E ED VR lens. Since Ling own one, I will borrow from her to have a hands on experience of this lens. The photos below are all taken with her lens.
I took this picture just at the right time before the pigeon made the landing.
3 in a row, the one in the middle get the focus.
This Spotted Dove is very slim probably an sub-adult.
One of the most common bird of Singapore, a Yellow Vented Bulbul with food in mouth.
Olive Wing Bulbul that usually found in forest show up in the garden too.
I have no problem getting the bees in focus.
Another fast moving object to test the lens, managed to make a shot of this squirrel before she jump to another branch.
Large Tailed Nightjar
The real challenge is this photo of Large Tailed Nightjar, Hand held in low light condition. I quite like this lens and I'm sure this will be my next lens to get in future.  :)

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