Sunday, May 20, 2018

Eastern Shore of Singapore

Month of May is a good time to visit inter-tidal area as the low tide during this period usually around 7-9am. 
sun rise
 I arrived at the shore around 7am and the tide is already quite low.
sea grass
This may looks like a football field but are sea grass lagoon. They are only exposed during spring low tide.
 This bivalves did not burrow fast enough before the tide gone down and is now stuck.
sea star
 This sea star trying to turn itself after the wave swept it upside down.
sea star
 This sea star will have to wait for at least another 2 hours before the tide return.
elbow crab
 This elbow crab almost impossible to spot if it was not on top of the sea grass.
stone crab
 Likewise this stone crab, away from the rock they are easily spotted.
 One of the less colourful anemone that was spotted today.
 This is the much colourful one as compare to the previous one.
Hairy Sea Hare
 Different from the sea hare I saw last month, this is Hairy Sea Hare (Bursatella leachii).
Sea cucumber
 Sea cucumber of all shape and colour are spotted today. Such as this thorny one.
ball sea cucumber
 Another funny shape, ball sea cucumber.
Thorny Sea Cucumber
 This reddish Thorny Sea Cucumber is still busy feeding.
 Saw lots of Noble volute today too. This one about to burrow into the sand.
 I like the patterns on their shell. It looks like a Chinese painting.
hermit crab
 This hermit crab is taking over this empty shell as resident.
swimming crab
This swimming crab is enjoying his breakfast. Slowly munching on one end of this bristleworms while the other end try to swim away!
white sea urchin
 Several white sea urchin was spotted in the sea grass area.
Common sea star
Not often to spot common sea star at this area, they are very common at the off-shore island. It must be my luck day for me.
Knobly sea star, anemones
Yes! Is my lucky day. See what I found! This huge iconic sea star is found in off-shore island. But I saw so many of them today!
Knobly sea star, anemones
Saw another big one almost as big as this huge carpet anemones!

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