Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kaeng Krachan National Park with mobile phone

Today is Day 2 of my Thailand trip. Different from all my other trip to Thailand, this trip is the results of cross border collaboration!
I'm more than happy to share the beautiful flora & fauna of Thailand with 蔚藍手札 all the way from Taiwan. After we enter the national park, the dark clouds gather and it started to rain and at times very heavy. Since my DSLR is not water proof, I use my mobile photo to take pictures most of the times.
One unique experience of Kaeng Krachan (KKC) is crossing several river along the trail.
With water cutting across the trail, is unfortunate that some animals became the victim of road kill. Such as this frog, still in the jumping position when we saw it along the trail.
Hard shell of this fresh water crab has no match with the wheel of the vehicle that pass through the trail. At least, nothing is goes to waste in nature.  The crab become part of the food chain and the nutrient got pass on to other animals.
With the water flowing through rocks, it carry with them minerals too. Another unique experience of KKC is butterfly puddle.
Butterfly puddling in KKC is one phenomenon that one should not miss. The butterflies will gather the minerals from the mud that brought by the flowing water.
This cute butterfly go one step further getting mineral from my finger.
Another butterfly that I am not familiar.
As we go higher up the mountain, the mist & rain also getting heaver.
Is getting difficult for bird watching with the low visibility. I go for macro instead.
Was attracted to this purple fruits that about 4mm and I have no idea what plant is this.
Didn't realise that there is a spider just next to it.
This is the best I can shoot with my mobile. Without the use of DSLR, there are plenty of nice thing to see & shoot in KKC other than birds!