Wednesday, April 18, 2018

An Accident Waiting To Happen - Asian Pied Starling

While on our way to Keang Krachan from airport, we stop by a paddy field for our first bird watching stop.
Asian pied starling
 One of the very common bird that we saw was this Asian Pied Starling.
Asian pied starling
 Some of them were foraging for food in the paddy field.
Asian pied starling
What caught my attention or curiosity was this huge nest! This starling are not picky on the nesting materials, from twig, leaves to plastic bag & raffia string!

Most importantly is the nest is just nest to an almost ripe seed pod of Sand Box Tree . When ripe, pods catapult the seeds as far as 100 meters and I'm sure the birds will get hurt when that happened and the birds will learn through a hard way.

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