Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Doi Inthanon - Birding at Roof of Thailand

The plan for Day 2 of our birding is to the Roof of Thailand - Doi Inthanon. Is the highest spot in Thailand.
Doi Inthanon
I was told that it has been raining for the past week. We really hope to have a good weather for our birding. It started to drizzle the minute we pass the Gate up the Doi Inthanon.
Doi Inthanon
 As we go higher, the rain stopped but was very misty. Visibility dropped to just few meters.
Doi Inthanon
 Saw these nice water droplets on the spider web.
 Wild eggplants can be found at the roadside. Isn't it cute?
Golden Babbler
The weather get clearer after lunch and saw this Golden Babbler. Taking photo of this bird really challenging, it hardly stop for more than 2 seconds on the same spot.
Yellow Bellied flowerpecker
We stop by a fruiting tree and saw this Yellow Bellied Flowerpecker.
Grey Sided Thrush
 Also come for the fruits is this Grey Sided Thrush.
Collared Falconet
 The weather get better as we descent and saw this Collared Falconet.
Weather is so good that the butterfly also come out and play!  :)

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