Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Huai Chorakhe Mak Reservoir

We are exploring Huai Chorakhe Mak Reservoir in Thailand’s farm-rich northeast province of Buriram. Not sure what we will get as this is the 1st time visiting this area.
Is quite  a big reservoir!
Northern Shoveler
Surprise to find Northern Shoveler here.
Cotton Pygmy Goose
Spotted several Cotton Pygmy Goose too.
Rufous Wing Buzzard
Rufous Wing Buzzard taking vantage point.
Indian roller
Is always nice to see an Indian roller, so colourful.
Green bee-eater
Green bee-eater
Most of the farmer here do not use pesticide and are growing organic paddy.
Purple Swamp Hen
Purple Swamp Hen got a big snail.
sarus crane (Antigone antigone)
The star bird here must be Sarus Crane. They make a comeback after the recently after missing for few decades.
sarus crane (Antigone antigone)
What a rare chance to see a family of 3 walking together.

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