Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Day Trip to Sri Phang Nga National Park

When my guide told me that the chance of seeing a Green broadbill is almost zero as the fruiting of the fig tree is coming to an end. He ask me if I still wants to travel thousand of kilometers from Bangkok to South of Thailand? In the Land of Smile, every place is worth to spend time on, be it local market or national park. Every trip to this part of the world, I will get to see something new. So, we are set to travel to Southern of Thailand.

After breakfast at the local market at Khura Buri, we head to Sri Phang Nga National Park.
Sri Phang Nga National Park
What a beautiful morning as we head to the forest.
seed pods
I don't know the name of this tree with the long seed pods.
Cookeina mushroom
So happy to see this very beautiful Cookeina mushroom. Glowing in pink colour!
Cycads fruit
Isn't this cycads fruits cute?
Pitcher plants
 This is the carnivorous Pitcher plants
 This skink trying to get the best spot to warm up his body.
Red Throated Barbet
 Up on a fig tree is all the actions we are looking for. First was this Red Throated Barbet.
Streaked Bulbul
 Streaked Bulbul is one of the most common birds on this tree.
Not so frequent but we do see warbler darting around this fruiting tree.
 Lesser green leafbird
Lesser green leafbird also join the buffet party.
Chestnut Breasted Malkoha
Is always nice to see bigger bird such as this Chestnut Breasted Malkoha
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
Another small bird that come for the free buffet party - Orange-bellied Flowerpecker.
Chinese Blue Flycatcher
Sadly, the Green broadbill really no show. But saw an Chinese Blue Flycatcher! Is my first sighting too.
Banded pitta
My biggest surprise & bonus of the trip is this very elusive Banded Pitta! Although is just few seconds,  is really worth the thousands km road trip.
Giant ants
Just before we leave the forest, saw this very scary big jaw ants. I'm sure it will be very painful if bitten.
We stop on a bridge to enjoy the sun set and what a very nice way to end our birding trip.

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