Sunday, September 10, 2017

Kent Ridge Park Before The Storm Coming

I can't remember when was the last time I visited Kent Ridge Park. It was a sunny day but the weather change rather quickly when I half way through my birding. 
Kent Ridge Park
Since Kent Ridge Park was on the elevated hill tops, it is a good workout cum birding place.
Kent Ridge Park
There are a number of shelters in the park that stay the way they are and looks like movies from the 60's. Kent Ridge Park is also a historical park where one of the last battles for Singapore was fought during World War II.
Kent Ridge Park
One of the attraction is the canopy walk. This must be the best spot of the park, must be very romantic after dark.
Kent Ridge Park
 Semakau can be seen on the other side of the park and also the very busy West Coast Port.
 With this thick ferns, this is the good area to look for tailor bird.
Flying dragon
 A flying dragon! This lizard can fly (glide) from tree to tree.
Pied Triller
Saw this Pied Triller on the canopy walk.
White Eye
 There are lots of White Eye in the park.
Yellow Vented Bulbul
 Not to mention Yellow Vented Bulbul.
Green Crested Lizard
Have not seen a Green Crested Lizard for some time. Is getting less common now as they has been displaced by the more aggressive Changeable lizard.
By the time I took this sunbird picture, the weather changed very quickly.
The wind was proof too strong for this tree to handle and it snap. Luckily no was was injured.

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