Sunday, July 2, 2017

Be a Singapore Tourist Again...

I have been following and reading 蔚藍手札 by Euphtw for some times. I came to know about their blog in 2009 while I was doing research on birding area of Taiwan. Since then, we have been in contact and exchange of knowledge. When Euphtw told me that they are coming to Singapore, I volunteer myself to be their guide (birding) and be a Singapore tourist again. They are here in Singapore attending a seminar and will have few days free for birding after the seminar. 

After several recce trips , I decided to show them an off-shore island, a nature reserve and some tourist attraction area to have a mix experience of what Singapore can offer.
Pulau Ubin
For most foreigner, Singapore is a modern city. To know what Singapore is like before developed into a modern city today, Pulau Ubin is the best place to experience life in Singapore where there is no high-rise building, no air-con restaurant, no shopping mall, etc.
Singapore Nature reserve
Singapore do have forested area & nature reserves. Visit to this area will complete one's experience of Singapore. Most tourist will know Merlion, but most didn't know Singapore do have a wild side waiting to be explored!
Singapore has a tropical rain forest climate, so is normal that at this moment sunny and
Heavy rain
heavy rain or thunder storm next.
Despite the heavy downpour, we managed to see lots of things. From small critters to
Oriental Pied Hornbill
big big bird such as Oriental Pied Hornbill! Where in the world will you be able to see a wild hornbill in just a meter away! Truly unique Singapore.  :)
Chili crab
 As bird guide, food is also on the to do or to go list. How can one visit Singapore without trying the famous Chili crab!
Crab beehoon, crab noodle
 Beehoon crab or Crab noodle is for those who can't take spicy food.
Chicken rice
 Of course Chicken rice is another must try when visit Singapore.
Marina Bay Sand
After the wild side of Singapore, is time to visit the iconic Marina Bay of Singapore! Do drop by  : 蔚藍手札 if you are also interested to know what we seen at those non-touristy area.


  1. 哇,跟找鳥一樣,blogging也很快啊!太感謝Mantamola帶我們體驗新加坡野性的一面,真的收穫滿滿。台灣的鳥兒和美食也等著你,請讓我們也能帶你欣賞美麗之島的多樣面貌!

  2. 另,看到自己的背影出現在國外的部落格也是種奇妙的經驗啊!

  3. 難得有客直遠方來能讓我盡一盡地主之誼。更希望能讓妳看到新加坡少為人知的另外一面。希望妳能長來噢!