Sunday, May 14, 2017

Woodlands Park Connector

Visited Woodlands Park Connector (via Woodlands Ave 12) right before the place is hoarded up for the construction of future Woodlands General Hospital.
Spotted Dove
Pair of Spotted dove taking the high vantage point on top of a lamp pole.
Purple heron
Part of the park connector is actually right on top of the hill slope just not far from Singapore Sports School. It is a nice sport to watch herons flying overhead out from Mandai to go for feeding.
 There are lots of swiftlets but I have no idea what species as they are quite small and fast.
Pink Neck Green Pigeon
 Saw a Pink Neck Green Pigeon among the green leaves.
Milky Stork
Also saw a Milky Stork also fly out from Mandai cross over to look for food.
Purple heron
 Quite many Purple heron that I saw today.
Rose Ring Parakeet

Rose Ring Parakeet
Not difficult to find this Rose Ring Parakeet if you know their diet. They like the fruits or rather the seed of Peacock flowers.

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